If you're moving in Sacramento, you're probably wondering whether Budget Hauling INC is a legitimate, BBB-accredited company. Before you hire a moving company, make sure to know how much you need. Then, do a little research. Most moving companies charge between $60 and $150 per hour for a two-man crew. Additional movers and trucks will cost approximately $30 to $40 per person.
Budget Hauling is a local Sacramento moving company

If you're thinking about moving in or out of Sacramento, California, you're probably in the process of determining how to move your belongings safely and efficiently. While it's easy to hire a large truck and hire anyone to do the job, the truth is that movers are not necessarily licensed or skilled. In fact, many people get scammed by people who pose as legitimate moving companies. To avoid these problems, it's best to do your research and find a Sacramento moving company that is licensed and insured. If you're moving within the state, you'll have to make sure the company is licensed and registered with the Bureau of Household Goods and Services, the California Public Utilities Commission, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

A long-distance move involves moving over 50 miles, or 100 kilometers. Local moves are typically charged hourly, while long-distance moves are based on weight, distance, and the size of the truck. Local Sacramento moving companies honor weekend pricing, but may charge higher rates on holidays and weekends. However, most long-distance companies charge by weight and distance, and are a more expensive option.
It meets BBB accreditation standards

Budget Hauling INC is an approved member of the Better Business Bureau. Its accreditation reflects its commitment to consumer trust. A member of the Better Business Bureau pays a membership fee to receive BBB accreditation and participate in BBB services, such as monitoring and resolution of consumer complaints. BBB accreditation is not a guarantee of a business's quality of service. Businesses with BBB accreditation typically have higher customer satisfaction and long-term sales, which can be beneficial to both sides of the business relationship.

To become accredited, a business must meet certain criteria. To gain this accreditation, it must submit an application, business license, and other information. The BBB reviews each application and makes a decision via letter or email. Accredited businesses are listed in its online directory. Those that aren't accredited will receive a letter explaining why their applications were rejected. They'll also be given a deadline to reapply and steps to take to increase their chances of gaining accreditation in the future.
It can help you decide on how many people and trucks you'll need

When choosing a moving company, you'll want to keep several factors in mind. The distance between your move points and the new one should be estimated on the low side. If you're moving a long distance, the higher estimate will be more appropriate, as you won't be able to make several trips. For longer distances, you should estimate higher and rent trailers if needed.
It can help you plan your move

To save money and time, planning a move is essential. Start by making a "move, trash, donate, sell" list of the things you want to move. Then figure out how to move, sell, and donate each item. Give yourself a one-day cushion to account for unexpected delays. If you are moving long distance, consider hiring a professional moving company to pack and haul your goods for you.

Make sure to check rates before reserving a truck. Be aware that rates can be higher during busy seasons or at peak periods of the month. In addition to local moves, long distance moves will likely cost more as you will have to rent a large truck, pay for gas and equipment, and eat. Using a company that works with local moves is the most cost-effective option.